Thursday, July 7, 2016

Davis Goes to Barney 2016 Edition

It's become an annual pilgrimage-- Rabbi Micah, Mrs. Shafron, and this year, Mr. Frank, heading up to Cleveland, Ga for the day. While you may think it's because of the wonderful Dairy Queen they've got up there, or the pastoral views of the North Georgia Mountains, it's actually because we know that so many of our current Davis Academy students and Davis alumni are enriching their Jewish Journeys at Camp Barney Medintz and URJ Camp Coleman.

Yesterday we had a chance to visit Barney. We're pleased to report that our Davis students and alumni are happy, healthy, enjoying camp, and also contributing in profound ways to the vibrancy of the Camp community. This year the three of us were struck by two things-- 1) how genuinely surprised and happy our kids were to see us and 2) how our alumni are growing, maturing, and becoming leaders in the Jewish community and beyond. The 8th graders of "yesteryear" are now the JITs and SITs of today. Many of them are thinking about college and many of them report how their college aged siblings are doing. Good news all around.

Here are some pictures celebrating our visit to Barney. If you don't see your child know that they could've missed the announcement for the group picture, be buried somewhere in the middle of the photo, or have been on one of the many off-camp experiences that Barney was running that day!

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