Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gary Rosenthal Artist Visit

This week our 6th grade students participated in one of the most important Davis Academy B'nai Mitzvah/Project IMPACT traditions-- the Hiddur Mitzvah project with world famous Jewish artist, Gary Rosenthal.

Because of his longstanding connection to The Davis Academy, Gary Rosenthal comes to The Davis Academy each year to meet with our students and guide them through the creation of two beautiful pieces of Judaica: a yad (Torah pointer) and mezuzah. The yad is for use at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and the mezuzah is donated to various worthy causes. During this year's visit, Gary noted that he has worked with more Davis Academy students than any other single community in his long and dynamic career. What a point of pride for The Davis Academy.

In addition to the special purpose of the yad and the mezuzah, there's a deeper lesson hidden in the Gary Rosenthal Hiddur Mitzvah project. It is the fact that no two creations are the same. Like our students, each is a unique and beautiful creation.

Here are some pictures of the kids and Gary. Before we know it, they will be taking their places as Jewish adults, strengthening their communities because of their deep Jewish knowledge and roots.

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