Friday, July 17, 2015

Davis Goes to Barney

Recently, Mrs. Shafron and Rabbi Micah spent a few hours visiting Camp Barney Medintz. We went to Camp Barney for a couple of reasons. For starters, we both love Jewish summer camp and wanted to enjoy the unique atmosphere! Additionally, Camp Barney is a sister organization here in the Atlanta Jewish community, so our visit was meant to nurture the relationship between Davis and Barney. But most importantly, we went to Camp to visit the more than 120 current Davis students and alumni that bring their amazing ruach to Camp Barney every summer as campers and staff. That we ended up at CBM on grilled cheese day was fortuitous indeed! 

The highlight of our visit was touring Camp Barney with Jim Mittenthal and Debbie Jacobs because we ran into scores of Davis students involved in various different activities. Driving up to camp we were a touch nervous-- how would our students respond to seeing their Head of School and School Rabbi out of the blue at Camp? But without fail they ran up to us, embraced us, and told us all about their summer. We both felt a tremendous sense of Kavod from students past and present as they went out of their way to say hello to us, ask about school, and catch up. I particularly enjoyed catching up with two Davis alum (both in college)-- one who just completed a lifelong dream of taking a road trip to Utah and Colorado and another who is fairly certain her future involves going to Rabbinical School. What a joy! 

At this point it's a well established fact that the best Jewish Day Schools and Jewish Overnight Camps are two of the most powerful and effective means of building Jewish identity, Jewish knowledge, and Jewish connection. Seeing how happy our kids are at Camp reminded us just how happy they are to come to The Davis Academy each and every day. All of our kids, wherever they are this summer, are truly blessed. And more than that, they are themselves a blessing. 

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