Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of Middle School

What could be more iconic than the first day of Middle School? Iconic for the parent who can't believe how quickly time flies, iconic for the student who has to adjust a completely new approach to learning and new daily schedule? I don't remember my first day of Middle School, but I remember how I felt. Here's a short story that I heard from a Davis Academy parent about their child's first day of Middle School. I think it captures so much of what going to Middle School feels like and why it's important. I heard this story when I asked how Middle School was going... She told me:

He was so nervous to go and he absolutely loves it. He loves that he has so many teachers and classes with so many students. I knew nothing about the Middle School even though we've been a Davis family for all these years. But he said his favorite part of the day was lunch. He told me, "When I went through the lunch line I got to serve myself at the salad bar!" That's what sealed the deal for him. Being able to serve himself at the salad bar. I thought that was the funniest thing, but I guess it's a big difference in his mind. 

Even recalling the story I can't help but smile. The Davis Academy Middle School is about independence, it's about gently peeling back some of the layers of support that our students have grown accustomed to so they can soar to even greater heights. It's about helping kids discover that they are becoming autonomous and responsible in new and different ways. It's about celebrating small moments of novelty. It's about experimenting. It's about self discovery. It's about learning how to learn. Whether at the salad bar, in the hallways, in the classroom, or in the world.

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