Friday, September 18, 2015

Yom Kippur 2015/5776

The following note from Morah Kelly describes a meaningful Yom Kippur reflection she facilitated with her 5th grade students and the rest of our school community...

Today in Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat Ms. Silverboard’s 5th grade class shared their own Vidui prayer that they had written. Hopefully their words will help you to do the work of preparation as we head into Yom Kippur. Gmar Chatimah Tova- May you be signed, sealed and delivered in the book of life!

Our Vidui
Arguing Jack A.
Bullying - Jackson
Cyber-bullying - Maggie
Doubtfulness- Zach
Excluding- Matan
Fighting- Jack J.
Gossiping- Justin
Hitting- Maya
Ignorance- Jaclyn
Jerkiness- Leah
Kicking- Caitlyn
Laziness- Brooke
Maliciousness- Sophie
Negativity- Kiera
Offensiveness- Carly
Punching- Carson
Quitting Jack A. /Jackson
Rudeness Maggie/ Zach
Stealing Matan/Jack J.
Tattle Taling Justin/Maya
Underestimating Jaclyn/Leah
Viciousness- Caitlyn/Brooke
Whining Sophie
Xylophone stealing Kiera
Yelling- Carly
Zaniness- Carson

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