Monday, November 30, 2015

Every small act makes a difference

We recently received this update from Sheri Schwartz, the engagement coordinator at JF&CS. Anyone who has ever done a mitzvah project has, at some point, wondered what impact their action had on the recipient. This note references a project that took more than 6 months ago. It's energizing to know that handwritten notes still count for something in this world and that our actions, however modest, impact lives. 


We spoke with one of our clients who received a toiletry kit from JF&CS (Donated from students at the Davis Academy) and when she opened it up, she found an uplifting  note several of the students had written to go in the bag.  She said that it really made her smile and it was just want she needed to hear at that moment.    (FYI- She was given a toiletry kit because she said she had not been able to brush her teeth in days)

She said she wrote those students a thank you note and mailed it to Davis because she wanted them to know how she appreciated it and that “we are all in this together” and she wants people to know even small acts make a difference.  (not sure if you received the note or not)

Just had to pass this on to you since y’all are the ones who make this happen!  The impact of these little projects goes a long way.  “Even small acts make a difference”!

A perfect story to share at this thankful time of year!  And thankful for you all and the Davis Academy I am!!


Sheri Schwartz
Engagement Coordinator
Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta

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