Thursday, October 13, 2016

2017 Lower School Grade Level Tzedakah Themes and Organizations

Tzedakah is integral to The Davis Academy experience. By 8th Grade, Davis Academy students have participated in countless Tzedakah programs and projects and learned a great deal about the mitzvah of Tzedakah.

 In the Lower School, Tzedakah themes are chosen in conjunction with curriculum themes in the general studies curriculum.  Each theme is connected to at least one organization and includes hands-on projects and experiences. Many grades support organizations both locally and in Israel.

In the Middle School,Tzedakah themes reflect the students' emergence as young adults in the Atlanta Jewish community. The Davis Academy's commitment to Tzedakah and Social Action extends beyond the years that a child is at Davis. Our Davis Alumni Tzedek Grant helps us continue to instill this important value in our students even after they've moved on to high school.

MSLTI, Book Buddies, Tip of Iceberg

Theme: Caring for our World
Organization: Dunwoody Nature Center

Theme: Kindness to Animals
Organizations: Zoo Atlanta, Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

1st Grade
Theme: All Things Water
Organization: World Wildlife Foundation Elachee Nature Center

2nd Grade
Theme: Hunger
Organizations: ACFB, Leket (National Food Bank of Israel)

3rd Grade 
Theme: Gimilut Hasadim (Acts of Loving Kindess)
Organization: Community Assistance Center
Book Buddies

4th Grade
Theme: Disease and Disability
Organizations: For-a-Day Foundation; ALYN Hospital in Israel
Book Budies

5th Grade
Theme: Underprivileged Kids
Organizations: Camp Jenny

6th Grade
Theme: Being Mensches
Organization: The Packaged Good

7th Grade
Theme: Personal Connection and Project IMPACT
Organizations: Each student fulfills a Mitzvah Project specific to their Bar or Bat Mitzvah and in conjunction with their synagogue community. Students have opportunities to share and engage their classmates at school. Project IMPACT brings the entire 7th grade together to form a philanthropic organization that vets, nominates, and donates funds to local, national, and Israel based charities. 

8th Grade
Theme: Connecting to Israel
Organizations: Each year students participate in a variety of community service projects on their 8th grade Israel Trip. 

Cancer Awareness Month, AVIV in the Sukkah


Davis Alumni Tzedek Grant
High school aged alumni are eligible to apply for this grant. Grant recipients receive financial support as well as other forms of support from The Davis Academy. 

Past Tzedakah Theme Organizations Include: Amy's Holiday Party, Atlanta Humane Society, The William Bremen Jewish Home, Camp Twin Lakes, Yad L'kashish,

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