Friday, December 9, 2016

Rock Shabbat 2016

Another fabulous Spirit Week at The Davis Academy concluded this morning with our annual Rock Shabbat. Bringing together our Davis Decibelles, Magical Melodies, and Fusion Rock Bands, Rock Shabbat is a wonderful example of what makes Davis special. Here are some things you can learn about The Davis Academy from Rock Shabbat:

1. We rock. It's just that simple. Kind of like Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival so many years ago, we're not afraid to crank up the electric guitar and bring new energy to our beloved songs and prayers.

2. We work together. Rock Shabbat is the result of hours of collaboration that brings our Visual and Performing Arts Team and our Jewish Studies Team together. Not only that, but the 60+ student performers as well. It wouldn't work if we didn't fully appreciate that the sum is greater than the individual parts and that we are at our best when we all bring our special gifts and voices to the fore.

3. We celebrate. Our Davis Kehilah loves Rock Shabbat. That's because we love to celebrate as a school community. We love to celebrate our classmates, our children, our Judaism, and our creativity. It's important that we teach our children the importance of celebrating as well as instill in them a deep understanding of what is truly worthy of celebration.

4. We shine. You can see the light radiating in the faces of the children as they sing and perform. You can see that same light in the rest of the student body that sings along. You can see it in the faces of the parents and grandparents and community members who are perpetually astonished to know that a community like The Davis Academy exists and thrives. There's an undeniable light that emanates from The Davis Academy. It touches thousands of lives directly and many more indirectly.

5. We create. Rock Shabbat is, at its core, a creative undertaking. Whether in the arrangements of existing songs and melodies or through the performance of original music written by members of our Davis community. Even as we create the music of Rock Shabbat, there is something even more profound being created-- a living, breathing, singing, rocking, creative, celebratory, radiant school community built on the timeless foundations of Jewish tradition with an immeasurable amount of spirit, a vibrant present, and an exciting future.

Enjoy some pictures!

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