Monday, May 1, 2017

Yom HaZikaron- Why we Sing

For the last several years, a small group of Davis students has had the honor of singing a song during the Atlanta Jewish community's Yom HaZikaron commemoration. Students are selected based on a few criteria-- their singing ability, Hebrew ability, maturity/ responsibility, and understanding of the solemn and sacred nature of singing at this community gathering. Under the direction of Morah Sigal, the students meticulously prepare the song, attend rehearsals during and outside of school, arrive several hours early to the commemoration, and eventually perform their song. Hours of study and preparation, all for a single song?

Our students are willing to take on this special honor and responsibility because they understand that all Jews are blessed by the existence of the State of Israel. They are willing to take on this responsibility because, even at a young age, they appreciate the tremendous sacrifices that have been made to protect and defend Israel. They are willing because they see the profound impact that their presence has on those who gather to honor and remember. It means a lot to those gathered to know that Yom HaZikaron means something to these students from The Davis Academy.

Each year the song selected for The Davis Academy gets more and more difficult. That's because those who design the ceremony know the seriousness and professionalism that our students exhibit. Last night they sang a song entitled, "Winter of 73." That song speaks of the children who were born in the months following the Yom Kippur War, many of who never met their fathers.

This is why we sing on Yom HaZikaron.

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