Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rock Shabbat 2017

Last week we celebrated our annual Rock Shabbat at The Davis Academy. Rock Shabbat continues to be one of the most poignant examples of how The Davis Academy is unique among Jewish communities and Jewish Day Schools.

This year's Rock Shabbat featured our typical blend of traditional and modern Jewish songs (including a few of our original melodies from our latest CD, "Menschology") as well as "secular" songs. I write, "secular", because there's an argument to be made that there's a spark of holiness in almost all music, at least when it comes to our Rock Shabbat repertoire. For example, one of this year's secular songs was, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" by CCR. There's something really profound in the main idea of that song. We've all seen the rain, but have we ever really seen it?

Typical of Rock Shabbat, transitions that would be abrupt or non-sensical elsewhere, make perfect sense. So CCR follows the Shema, which leads into a MiCamocha Drum Circle which leads into a medley of Jewish classics performed on accordion and so on.

Part of the magic of Rock Shabbat is that it shines a spotlight on our talented student body without making their talent the focus of the experience. It is Shabbat. And like any true Shabbat, it is a reflection of the people in the room and the magic that is created when people come together in a spirit of respect and love.

Here are some pictures as well as a video!

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