Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Davis, Marist, and the First Ever Atlanta Unity Seder

Last night, student leaders from The Davis Academy and The Marist school honored our many years of interfaith partnership by playing a leadership role at the Atlanta office of the American Jewish Committee's first ever "Unity Seder." Joined by faith leaders from dozens of churches, synagogues, and organizations, local government officials and diplomats from India to Argentina, and more than 400 attendees, The Davis Academy and Marist School students opened the Seder by singing an original melody of the words "Hinei Mah Tov" that was written specifically for interfaith gatherings and occasions. Incidentally, this same song was performed by Davis and Marist students several years ago at a community wide celebration of the 50th anniversary of Nostrae Aetate.

In addition to singing together, Davis and Marist students sat together and participated in the interfaith dialogue and discussion that made the evening so meaning.

Later in the evening, The Davis Academy students were invited to lead the "4 Questions." After singing them in Hebrew, they were translated into different languages by the various diplomats in attendance.

It was a truly special and even historic evening, enriched deeply by the participation of Davis and Marist students.

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