Monday, May 14, 2018

A Postcard from Israel


When your kids were little and they first started to dream of visiting Israel, today was the day they dreamt about. They dreamt about waking up on a kibbutz in the central Galilee to the sound of chirping birds. They dreamt about driving through the Jordan Valley and watching the landscape shift from farmland to desert. They dreamt about standing on top of Masada and climbing down the snake path, blinded by the sun. They dreamt about floating in the Dead Sea and smearing mud all over each other, posing for pictures, and screaming when the salt burns. They dreamt about journeying deep into the Negev to a beautiful secluded camp in the middle of nowhere, the very place where the Jewish people came into being. They dreamt about looking up and seeing a sky full of stars, the same sky that our ancestors gazed upon, with the same thoughts and worries. They dreamt about sitting around a campfire under that very sky, surrounded by the people that know them best and who theyve grown up with, singing songs that theyve known for so long that its like they never even learned them. They dreamt about what it would feel like to know that things will never be the same, without knowing what the future holds. 
Today was a postcard day for your kids. It was a photo album full of the kinds of smiles that are reserved especially for the precious faces of dreamers. It was a day that will be bookmarked among the many pages that have been and are still to be written. It's a day they'll revisit when they're unsure of what another day brings.
Life isnt always a postcard and some days, however memorable at the time, get lost amidst the constant hustle of life. The fact that we, and they, already know this makes today even more special.


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  2. Thank you for giving our kids this amazing gift! And thank you for the gift you are giving us parents as well! The photos are incredible, but your words allow us to go deeper and share in at least some of the magic our children are experiencing. Thank you!!! Lauren Menis

  3. So thankful for your posts...allowing us to truly experience the journey our kids are on. We can’t wait to hear what magic the coming days will bring. Thank you!! Simone

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  5. I dreamt of this day too, of healthy children having the experience of a lifetime at such a young age. Feeling like we are with them through photos and written words. Hoping they journaled to remember every precious memory and knowing they are safe in the hands of teachers they have known for many years.
    Thanks to the other parents for sending their kids, the staff of Davis who work tirelessly each year to offer this adventure to the 8th graders and to the children themselves for being kind, present and inclusive. (I hope, lol!) --Hildee Isaacs