Friday, January 22, 2016


The following is a poem/prayer written by Davis Academy 4th grader, Avi Frank. Avi wrote these words and shared them with his classmates at one of their weekly T'filah sessions. I am sharing them here with his parents' permission. 

If you're reading this as an adult, then you surely are wondering what experiences, influences, and nurturing can help someone so young connect with wisdom so deep and inspiring. I was in the room when Avi wrote and shared his words. All I can say is that when we give children the time, space, and opportunity to explore their thoughts and beliefs, and when we take their ideas seriously, the world is a more beautiful place. 

is the truth in yourself
the light that wakes us
and the dark that puts us to sleep
is being there to lend a hand to a friend
is the land we cherish and live on
and the reason we love this earth
is every one of us being a Kehillah 
and listening to the wisdom that's being passed down from the wise