Friday, January 27, 2017

Menschology Performers

Below is a list of the talented members of The Davis Academy Kehilah who graciously participated in the recording of our Menschology CD. It is arranged according to track # and order of appearance. If you appreciate their performance you should let them know!!!!

  1.      Caroline Patterson and Will Robertson
  2.    Caroline Patterson
  3.    Elena Dollinger (soloist);  Ensemble: Rachel Binderman, Annalise Hardy, Amalia Haviv,    Rachel Hertz, Shoshana Katz, Ava Stark, Lily Stark; Bob Michek on drums
  4.    Will Robertson (soloist); Caroline Patterson (background vocal)
  5.    Will Robertson
  6.    Caroline Patterson and Will Robertson
  7.    In order of appearance:  Will Robertson, Alex Newberg, Rebecca Good, Janice Durden
  8.    Caroline Patterson and Rich O’Dell (French Horn)
  9.    Will Robertson
  10.    Rabbi Micah Lapidus and Davis Academy 5th graders
  11.    In order of apperance: Janice Durden, Darren Rosing, Gracie Kirschner, Magical                 Melodies and Davis Decibelles; Bob Michek on drums
  12.     Bob Michek on vocals and drums
  13.    Bob Michek on drums
  14.    Grant Miller (soloist); Bob Michek on drums
  15.     Kendrick Phillips (soloist): Ensemble: Rachel Binderman, Elena Dollinger, Sammy             Effron, Annalise Hardy, Amalia Haviv, Rachel Hertz, Shoshana Katz, Ava Stark, Lily       Stark 
  16.   Ensemble:   Daniel Rosen 
  17.   In order of apperance:  Eva Shell and Kendrick Phillips
  18.  Will Robertson and Rabbi Micah Lapidus

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