Monday, January 23, 2017

Dedicating the Kaufman Chapel

Today virtually every Davis Academy student had a chance to visit our brand new Kaufman Chapel and recite special prayers there for the first time. But the honor of participating in the very first Tefilah service ever to take place in this beautiful sanctuary fell to The Davis Academy Middle School students and faculty.

During this once in a lifetime prayer service we processed the Torah into the chapel and placed it in the ark for the first time. We recited special prayers for our congregation, country, and the State of Israel. We sang the Shema and V'ahavta as well as took a long moment for silent prayer.

Our Davis Academy Kehilah is truly blessed to have participated in such a memorable spiritual experience. Looking out from the Bimah it was clear how appreciative everyone was to be present. It was clear how moved they were to be able to bring ancient words and prayers to such a new and beautiful place.

Here are a few pictures (and more to follow once they're uploaded)!

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