Monday, July 31, 2017

Atlanta Reform Movement Shabbat at The Davis Academy

Last Friday, The Davis Academy had the honor of hosting the annual Atlanta Reform Movement Shabbat in our Rosenberg Performing Arts Theatre. Bringing together all of the area Reform congregations for an evening of shared worship and community building, this special Shabbat is a meaningful and memorable one to say the least.

This year's Reform Movement Shabbat had a theme: The values we live by, the values we teach. Each rabbi and cantor was asked to prepare a short teaching on this theme as a way of framing the particular prayer that they would then lead. Each teaching resonated with wisdom, insight, and relevance. Each teacher authentically shared their Torah with all who had come to worship and be together.

Backed by a musical ensemble that enhanced the worship through familiar and original melodies and with a keynote address from The Davis Academy's head of school, Amy Shafron, Reform Movement Shabbat shared not only the special spirit of Atlanta's Reform Jewish community, but also that of the Reform movement more broadly.

Thank you to Rabbis Rachael Miller, Max Miller, Ron Segal, Harvey Winokur, Jordan Ottenstein, Sam Shabman, Natan Trief, Ruth Abusch-Magder, Alex Shuval-Weiner, Loren Filson Lapidus, and Micah Lapidus, as well as cantors Lauren Adesnik, Nancy Kassel, and Mike Zuspan, for contributing to such a powerful and remarkable Reform Movement Shabbat.

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