Monday, August 21, 2017

Hebrew is a beautiful language

Hebrew is a beautiful language. For so many reasons. The grammar. The way that words have multiple layers of meaning and resonance. The fact that it has evolved over thousands of years and is equally well-suited for psalms and hip hop songs. Among all these reasons is an even simpler reason-- the beauty of the letters.

I walked into Morah Sigal's Hebrew class the other day and saw a beautiful bulletin board. Morah Sigal had her students write their Hebrew names using various markers and art supplies. What could be a simpler activity? And yet, looking at the bulletin board, there's something special and holy about seeing the ancient letters of the Hebrew alphabet, lovingly and proudly formed into names. The names of our students. The same names given to their grandparents and great grandparents all the way to the time of Abraham and Sarah.

Hebrew is a beautiful language and I am proud of The Davis Academy for helping instill this language in the hearts and souls of our students.

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