Monday, October 9, 2017

2nd Day Sukkot at The Davis Academy Middle School

Students and parents in grades 5-8 joined together last week to celebrate Sukkot in our beautiful Davis Academy Middle School Sukkah. Because The Davis Academy is open on 2nd day Chag we were able to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our families to celebrate the spirit of Sukkot on this festival day, one of our favorite Jewish holidays at Davis. The weather was perfect. SAGE Dining provided delicious food. The Sukkah was beautifully decorated by our students under the direction of our Hebrew teachers. And we were blessed to fulfill the mitzvah of lesheiv b'sukkah, of dwelling in the Sukkah. Because The Weber School was close for Sukkot and because several other high schools were closed for Fall break we welcomed about 20 alumni from various graduating classes to our Sukkah as well. Sukkot is called zman simchateinu, the season of our rejoicing. Our 2nd day Sukkot celebration reminded all of us why.

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