Monday, October 9, 2017

Welcoming Guests to our Middle School Sukkah

Though it was cloudy and overcast today you wouldn't have known it based on the warm feelings inside our Middle School Sukkah today. That's because our Jewish Life Leaders (part of our Middle School Leadership Training Institute) welcomed guests from JF&CS's IndependenceWORKS to our Sukkah today. We sang a few songs, said our Sukkah blessings, and then enjoyed lunch and friendly conversation. This was the 3rd consecutive year that we've welcomed IndependenceWORKS to our Sukkah. This visit is part of a broader partnership between The Davis Academy and JF&CS that focuses on opportunities for our kids to do good by supporting the various initiatives of this vital Jewish communal organization. For those that aren't familiar with IndependenceWORKS you can click here or read the following quote from their website:

IndependenceWORKS, the day and vocational arm of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services, offers a day program, evaluations, prevocational assessment and support, and job coaching so adults with disabilities can find and maintain work that utilizes their greatest talents and abilities.

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